By a Vet

– This is not someone from outside the community administering this service; Stephan Wolfert is a veteran himself.

Really Therapy

– DE-CRUIT provides actual help for veterans based on actual scientific models and actual years of experience in providing the service.

For All Vets

– DE-CRUIT is not geared towards veterans of any particular war or time period. All are welcome and can be helped equally. You can join whether or not you are diagnosed with PTSD.

A Transferable Model

РThe DE-CRUIT method, once learned by you, can then be administered by you to help other vets in your own community.


  1. Hello Stephan 7 Ali,

    My name is Michael George Hofrath. I am a Somatic Depth ‘Jungian-based’ Psychoanalyst, Ph.D. Candidate, Addiction & Nutrition Counselor, Intuitive Body Soul Healer and Functional Performance/ Movement Health Coach. In addition I am a seasoned speaker, presenter and group facilitator.

    The purpose of this message is to say I really like your approach of using Shakespeare to help veterans. I am a former actor, trained In Meisner and other methods for many years, including Shakespeare and voice. I reside in Malibu, CA. If I can be of service in any way I can offer my expertise in military-related post traumatic stress.

    The extent of my expertise and knowledge base is extensive combining over three-decades of experience in the physical, mental and spiritual health field. I have extensive experience in the fitness and wellness fields, with the addition of Somatic Science and Depth Psychology. My knowledge base embodies the complimentary and alternative healing model, and includes intuitive-based, somatic energy healing practices.

    Currently, I am the Head of Trauma and Experiential Healing for the Save A Warrior Foundation. Working with veterans and first responders is my calling. At this time SAW only conducts approximately (ten) weeklong cohorts per year, which affords me the opportunity to branch out and work with other military and veteran related organizations.

    The scope of my knowledge and expertise is as follows:

    Group Experiential Facilitator & Educator
    Group Leader and Facilitator
    Vipassana & Warrior Meditation Instructor
    Mindfulness Practices Educator
    Neurobiology & Neuroscience of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Education
    Physiology of Stress and the Autonomic Nervous System Education
    Tension of Opposites, Expansion of Window of Tolerance,
    Hero’s Journey and Rite of Passage Initiations
    Mandala Art Healing Therapy & Labyrinth Spiritual Walks
    High Ropes Course Facilitator
    Psycho Spiritual Counseling
    Stress Management Techniques

    Depth Psychology
    Jungian-based Depth Psychology
    Somatic Trauma and Body Healing Practices
    Ceremony, Ritual and Myth Facilitation
    Dream Tending
    Empowerment through Embodiment
    Intuitive Body Soul Healing
    Soul Retrieval
    Psychological Assessments

    Functional Performance & Movement Fitness/ Nutrition Counseling
    10-Point Gold standard Health and Fitness Assessment
    10-Point Gold standard Quality of Life Assessment
    Program Design, Coaching and Training
    Boxing Instructor
    Body Structure Alignment, Posture Analysis
    Myofacial Release and Somatic-based Body Healing
    Chronic Body Pain Reduction

    Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to discussing how I may be of service to your organization.

    Warm Regards,
    Michael George Hofrath Ph.D. Candidate

  2. Michael, Thank you so much for reaching out! And thank you for the work that you do!
    I wrote you an email about how we might collaborate. Your resume is truly impressive. I hope that we can put your vast experience towards DE-CRUIT!

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