Below watch Stephan Wolfert (DE-CRUIT’s founder) reveal what veterans like him face, the solution DE-CRUIT offers, and what we can do to achieve a brighter future for both veterans and our country’s well-being.

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“The best way to understand DE-CRUIT is where it came from, and where it came from is my personal story.”
“For about 15 years, I was developing DE-CRUIT. I was using Shakespeare to re-wire my brain. Then, I started working with other veterans. It took 15-16 years to find scientists who could help me actually scientifically evaluate it.”
“If you wonder if we need DE-CRUITers, look at these statistics!”
“The question I get the most is, ‘Why do we use Shakespeare?’ Shakespeare was surrounded by veterans…”
“The EEGs show a different brain, from before they begin, and after they’ve taken a mere 20-hour course.”
“The final part of the DE-CRUIT plan is: to make it a transferable model. That means I can go into Fort Worth, teach the veterans the program, then they teach it, and they teach other vets. And it’s free to all the veterans. So all it requires is a commitment, from the veterans and the community members in that area.”

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