ACTS Research Lab

Research on the DE-CRUIT program is conducted through the Advocacy & Community-based Trauma Studies (ACTS) lab headed by Dr. Alisha Ali. Below are selected recent publications from our research.

Scholarly Publications

In-Press/Under Contract

Ali, A., Wolfert, S., Smith, R., & Healy, J. (in press). Soldiers’ stories: Themes of collective healing and recovery in a group treatment for trauma in military veterans (Abstract). International Journal of Qualitative Methods.


Ali, A., Wolfert, S., Lam, I., Fahmy, P., Chaudhry, A., & Healey, J. (2022). Treating the effects of military sexual trauma through a theater-based program for U.S. veterans. Women & Therapy, 45(1), 25-40.

Ali, A. N., Wolfert, S., & Pensavalle, C. (2022). A theatre-based program for traumatic stress in military veterans. In Doing Performative Social Science (pp. 29-40). Routledge.


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Ali, A., & Haen, C. (2019). Creative arts therapies and the military: Integrating research and practice in the service of active duty members and veterans. The Arts in Psychotherapy, 62, 2-4.

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Ali, A., & Wolfert, S. (2016). Theatre as a treatment for posttraumatic stress in military veterans: Exploring the psychotherapeutic potential of mimetic induction. The Arts in Psychotherapy, 50, 58-65.

Interviews, Popular Publications & Presentations

To Be Or Not To Be: Lockdown Shakespeare (2022, October). Episode 17: How Hamlet’s speech saved my life.

Katz, R. (2022, May). A tempo: Arts programs that help veterans receive funding boost. A Tempo with Rachel Katz.

National Public Radio (2021, November). Conversations with veterans.

Dimitropoulos, S. (2021, May). In Shakespeare, veterans find a “tower of strength”. Inverse.

Howes, R. (2019, January/February). Point of View – Theater as therapy: Can Shakespeare heal the trauma of war?. Psychotherapy Networker.

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Ali., A., Wolfert, S. & Homer, B. D. From victimization to empowerment: Using communalized narration to address military sexual trauma. Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Women in Psychology, Philadelphia, PA, Mar 8-11, 2018.

McGovern, J. E., Ali, A., Wolfert, S. & Nguyen, J. (2017). Examining process and outcome in the experiences of military veterans in a theatre-based trauma treatment program. Presented in the 2017 Annual Applied Psychology Research Day Conference, New York, NY.