April Springs Up Much News

Read up on the latest updates from Stephan and Dawn, as of the beginning of Spring. In addition to the information in the PDF of the newsletter linked to above, Stephan and Dawn also updated on their experiences in VanLife: VanLife/DE-CRUIT mobile It’s been a cold winter in New England; but we’ve been lucky! The van (and cabin heater) have …

Happy Holidays!

A simple “we’re thinking of you” today and this week as we roll into the new year. And I’ll be sharing lots of exciting news right around New Year’s Day, not the least of which is, I will be bringing back my Monday Night classes in NYC! Details anon. In the meantime, Dawn and I send you our love!

New DE-CRUIT Publication in Drama Therapy Review

Publication is entitled, “Intersecting modes of aesthetic distance and mimetic induction in therapeutic process: Examining a drama-based treatment for military-related traumatic stress.” Abstract of the paper: “Can Shakespeare be a treatment for posttraumatic stress in military veterans? This is the question that our research team has been examining through the empirical investigation of the DE-CRUIT program. DE-CRUIT uses Shakespeare’s verse …