Cry Havoc! Film Now Available for Rent on Vimeo

Link is included here for renting the film. Cry Havoc is an award-winning, critically acclaimed one-person play by military veteran, Stephan Wolfert. Wolfert seamlessly interweaves Shakespeare’s most famous speeches with personal experience to help us understand the national crises we face when we “wire for war but never un-wire from war”.

“It chews you up and spits you out, as it were. It gives you chills while swathing you in empathy. Its horrific images of warfare are countered with angelic theatrical effects as the human heart is exposed. You haven’t quite been to a place like this, yet it’s homey and warmly embracing. A nightmare with raw nerves; it’s a plea for understanding and healing.”
-Houston Press

See the trailer below, and click “Rent $15.00” to rent the full-length 1 hour 19 minutes film:


  1. I saw Cry Havoc at etown in Boulder, CO this past Saturday and was blown away by the performance. Stephan Wolfert message conveys there is lots to be done to assist our Vets in “de-cruiting” and healing so they can overcome the demons of war and eventually, work towards a productive and meaningful life!

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