DE-CRUIT Plays Premiering This Summer, 2022

See below links for the programs or to buy tickets for the three incredible productions premiering this summer, put on by DE-CRUIT.

“The Head of Richard”, playing July 15th-23rd.
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“Make Thick My Blood”, playing July 29th-August 6th.
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“She-Wolf”, playing August 12th-20th.
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Producer Notes

“While these shows were conceived and begun before the days of Covid, their dramaturgy, rehearsal and development were completed over the last two years of lock-down bringing together multiple communities,” noted COO of DE-CRUIT, Dawn Stern. “Theaters gave us homes to rehearse: Syracuse Stage, Cincinnati Shakespeare, Amphibian Stage Productions, Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, and Prague Shakespeare. Supporters gave two van-lifers homes: Dr. Bessel van der Kolk & Licia Sky (TRF), Jane Strong [Equus Effect], Dr. Jason Cleveland (DE-CRUIT Board Chair), Alan Jones [Advisor] and Ashley Garrett [Board member and photographer].  Theatre artists offered their talents: Andrus Nichols and Drew Ledbetter [The Coop].  Funders kept us fed, our van on the road, and paid stipends to fellow veterans and artists as they collaborated: Bill & Deb Ryan, Paul & Jennifer Walsh, Stephanie Courtney and hundreds of De-Cruit donors. We simply could not have created these pieces without them and offer our deepest gratitude.”

“These three plays lift Shakespeare’s text that speak directly to our traumatic experiences. What a way to sell the show! Am I right?,” quips DE-CRUIT founder Stephan Wolfert. “Rather than two actors attempting to tell Shakespeare’s entire plays of Macbeth, Richard III, and Henry VI, parts 1, 2, and 3 (yes we really have taken on those five plays) we have instead used his text and characters to share what we all have been quietly carrying around inside of us. We hope these shows facilitate conversations where we can, ‘speak what we feel, not what we ought to say,’ (King Lear).”


These shows are dedicated in loving memory to:

  • Walter A. Clarke, Lt. Col. 87th Golden Acorn Division, U.S. Army, and beloved father of Deb Ryan, Father-in-law to William Ryan
  • Sergeant Horatio G. Jones, U.S. Army, recipient of five Bronze Stars, and beloved father of Alan Jones, Father-in-law to Ashley Garrett
  • Lt. Victor Grattan Walsh, U.S. Navy, Captain of USS Edgar Allen Poe and beloved father of Paul Walsh, Father-in-law to Jennifer Walsh
  • Donald Canfield, U.S.M.C. European theater and beloved Uncle of Paul and Jennifer Walsh