Treating Trauma Through Shakespeare and Science

See here an extensive article on DE-CRUIT, and here an in-depth interview with DE-CRUIT’s founder Stephan Wolfert.

I now know what the hell is wrong with me. What is wrong with me is what happened to me, and what happened to me is: I and my brothers and sisters who were recruited, or drafted, were done so at a psychologically malleable age, and then, we were wired for war. But we were never unwired from war, after our service. We were not rewired for society. So, experiencing this in graduate school, I decided that, if we had a recruiter, that helped us prepare for every aspect of life in the military, where was our DE-cruiter? We don’t have one in this country. So I made one…

Stephan Wolfert, founder of DE-CRUIT

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  1. Truly enjoyed your presentation last night in Houston, Stephan!
    You are the perfect blend of a WarFighter and an Artist!
    Press On…Press Harder!

    1. Thank you Eugene! And I loved the discussion afterward. We have each others contact info now and I look forward to continuing the conversation and the work!

  2. Stephan::

    How about a conversation?

    I’m thinking a day long workshop for
    ‘Clients’ that follows a day long ‘training’ for DramaWorks InterActors.

    My text/cell is (413) 537-2475

    I’m bursting with ideas on how to take what you showed me… out into the world.

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