Treating Trauma Through Shakespeare and Science


By a Vet

This service is not being administered by someone from outside the community; Stephan Wolfert is a veteran himself.

Really Therapy

DE-CRUIT provides actual help for veterans based on actual scientific models and actual years of experience in providing the service.

For All Vets

DE-CRUIT is not geared towards veterans of any particular war or time period. All are welcome and can be helped equally. You can join whether or not you are diagnosed with PTSD.

A Transferable Model

The DE-CRUIT method, once learned by you, can then be administered by you to help other vets in your own community.


  1. Truly enjoyed your presentation last night in Houston, Stephan!
    You are the perfect blend of a WarFighter and an Artist!
    Press On…Press Harder!

    1. Thank you Eugene! And I loved the discussion afterward. We have each others contact info now and I look forward to continuing the conversation and the work!

  2. Stephan::

    How about a conversation?

    I’m thinking a day long workshop for
    ‘Clients’ that follows a day long ‘training’ for DramaWorks InterActors.

    My text/cell is (413) 537-2475

    I’m bursting with ideas on how to take what you showed me… out into the world.

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